CHSE Coaching

The CHSE Program has two APLL trained Coaches. (Assisting Physicians in Lifelong Learning)

Dr. Vinita Bindlish in Kitchener (
Dr. Naufal Mohammed in Hamilton (


APLL coaches are available to physicians and other healthcare professionals with the purpose of promoting lifelong learning.

A coach can help healthcare professionals in:

  • identifying professional goals,
  • identifying perceived and unperceived learning needs based on their practice, and
  • pursuing continuing professional development activities.


If you are interested in being a coachee, please contact one of the CHSE coaches below.


Our CHSE Coaches

Dr. Naufal Mohammed

APLL Coach

Naufal Mohammed, MD | APLL Coach |
Dr. Vinita Bindlish

CPD Educator, APLL Coach

Vinita Bindlish, MD, FRSCS, MBA, LLM (Health Law) | CPD Educator, APLL Coach |

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