Call for Research and Innovation Fund Grants 2019

RIF Call for Grants

Download the Call for Grants (PDF Format) and Knowledge Translation Information Sheet


RIF Grant Proposal

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Completed forms should be submitted to the:

CHSE CPD Curriculum Developer | Education Research Lead
Emily Block, BSc, MSc candidate at no later than May 31, 2019 at 5pm



Our Research Priorities

  • Explore methods to capture perceived and unperceived learner’s needs 

  • Evaluate outcomes of continuing education activities, such as knowledge retention, changes in practice, alignment with values of healthcare and sustainable in context

  • Develop and evaluate best practices to promote lifelong learning, exploring self-learning modalities


  • Measure CHSE activities impact on the health outcomes of patients and health professionals


  • Explore gaps in knowledge translation related to indigenous health

Research & Innovation Fund (RIF)


To promote CHSE scholarly activities with a focus on research, innovation, and overall program evaluation.

Funding Activities
  • Promote and fund research activities conducted by the CHSE program

  • Support the initial stages of developing innovative educational offerings

  • Support CHSE global curriculum needs assessment

  • Support the CHSE program overall program evaluation

  • Support innovative activities that advance the CHSE Program’s academic mission

  • Create Grants and awards for CHSE related research by McMaster faculty

  • Create Residents and Post Graduate Candidates awards to promote educational research and innovation in CHSE