Clinical Day in Rheumatology 2020


Start 27 November, 2020, 8 15 AM

End 3 PM


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Virtual CPD Conference

Contact Info

Cheryl Bogie, CHSE Coordinator

Phone: 905-525-9140 ext. 22990


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Virtual CPD Conference

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  • Family Physicians 
  • Family Medicine Residents 
  • Physician Assistants (and Physician Assistant trainees) 
  • All Primary Health / Other Health Care Providers 
  • Office Nurses 
  • Registered Nurses 
  • Nurse Practitioners 
  • Internists/Int Medicine


By the end of this conference, participants will be able to diagnose and implement appropriate management for common rheumatologic conditions.

More specifically, participants will

(1)   Learn practical approaches, including vital clinical pearls, to common rheumatology presentations

(2)   Be able to appropriately investigate, diagnose and manage common rheumatologic conditions

(3)   Become familiar with general safety of rheumatic medications, including risks of infection and malignancy, and appropriate vaccination of rheumatology patients

(4)   Become familiar with the safety and management of rheumatology drugs in pregnancy and breastfeeding

(5)   Update their knowledge of conditions encountered in rheumatology