Program Management

We offer a range of services, from consultations on educational design and development of continuing education programs and materials to management of small to medium size conferences.

We will be happy to help you with your brochures, targeted mailings, program design and materials.

Do you have a good idea for a continuing education activity? Let us help you bring it alive!

Eliminate those annoying delays as speakers set-up. We will put all of your presentations on a single CD so your program will flow smoothly from presenter to presenter.

  • Development of timelines and responsibilities

  • Arrange and participate in planning meetings to develop program and special events

  • Correspond with speakers regarding presentations, handouts, audiovisual requirements, travel arrangements, and accommodations

  • Pay expenses and maintain budgets

  • Evaluation summary

  • Site selection

  • Overnight room blocks for participants

  • Housing lists

  • Floor plans for plenary sessions, workshops, exhibits, poster displays

  • Electrical, pipe and draping for displays

  • Custom brokerages

  • Liability insurance

  • Catering for breakfast, lunch, dinner, breaks, receptions

  • Oversee meeting to ensure smooth running of your program

  • Collect and process registration forms from mail/phone/fax

  • Deposit cheques, cash, process VISA, MasterCard, and provide tax deductible receipts

  • Prepare registration lists, study credit letters/certificate of attendance

  • Prepare name tags and assemble conference folders

Registration Desk
  • Organize and staff registration desk

  • Greet participants and speakers

  • Register new participants

  • Collect registration fees, issue receipts

Print Design & Support
  • Program design and printing by our in-house Graphic and Web Designer that is meticulously polished and tailored to McMaster brand standards

  • CHSE social media sites updated daily with program info and updates FacebookTwitterLinkedin and Instagram

  • CHSE Mobile App - Our mobile APP is available for iPhone, iPad and Android users

    Apple Store and Google Play

  • Digital Display Ads - Each program receives a digital display ad which is advertised around McMaster University campus buildings on various TV’s

  • Development of mail charts and distribution of program

  • Design, print and collect abstract forms

Web Site Design and Support

Continuing Health Sciences Education Program can create and maintain a program web page for your activity. 

Within the activity website, each will have one main home page and several supporting pages (as necessary). We can facilitate and manage an online abstract submission process or even a password protected page to upload the presentations to. 

Contact us for more details.

Registration Processing Fee

Registration Processing Fee is $25 per registrant, not limited to professional designation.

This fee covers expenses related to registration activities such as:

  • Entering each registrant’s personal data; processing the registration applications including journal entry, credit card or cheque payments; issuing receipts for registration fees; generating all name tags with accompanying ‘agenda at a glance’ or personal workshop schedules based on registrant choice;
  • Providing master registration lists for on-site registration;
  • Ensuring room capacity is not exceeded and that each session has equal attendance should it run concurrently;
  • Preparing and providing Continuing Health Sciences Education study credit letters or certificates of attendance that are based on each registrant’s professional designation. A hard copy is provided on-site to all who have pre-registered;
  • A portion of this fee is also used to maintain the information database that is securely stored on a stand-alone server for up to five years;
  • After each activity we approve and publish each registrant’s participation information which is assessable to the registrant on our secure website. This information is only used for audit and accreditation purposes;
  • We also notify and update STAR of all faculty, speakers and faculty roles in planning events.

CHSE Administration Fee

The CHSE Administration Fee covers activity coordination/management services.

Half Day program: $2,500 - $4,500
Full Day program: $5,000 - $10,000
Weekend, Evening or Multiple Day program costs are based on need/requirements.

Services include support in program development, knowledge pertaining to accreditation and CMA/RX&D/PAAB guidelines and ensuring your event complies with all regulatory bodies including The College of Family Physicians, The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, and the American Medical Association.

Support includes:

  • Negotiating, drawing up, and signing off on contracts with suppliers. Ensuring all contract attrition dates are met and liability Insurance is in place to cover the planning committee members as well as McMaster University;
  • Preparing all official requests for funding from potential sponsors and subsequent follow-up of unrestricted educational grants; confirming and processing sponsor income; issuing a tax receipt to each sponsor. Monitoring grant levels while ensuring the appropriate sponsor recognition is provided on day - verbal/visual (at table or PowerPoint slide/in handouts/syllabus) for the program;
  • Monitoring of activity budget, processing internal/external and out of country speakers’ expense reports and honoraria payments, suppliers’ invoices, and preparation of event interim and final financial statements;
  • Compiling registration statistics for the planning committee and data for the needs assessment for the following year’s planning committee/activity;
  • Preparing an overall comprehensive evaluation report for the current committee, while preparing speaker specific evaluations, with thank you letters;
  • Booking all meeting spaces/locations. A fire exit plan is in place and the on-site staff know what to do in the event of an evacuation;
  • Ensuring catering numbers reflect the number of registrants and costs are within budget;
  • Ensuring all speaker AV needs and program requirements have been provided and met;
  • Contacting and ensuring speakers have the meeting date and time in their calendars. Ensuring they have travel arrangements made; if not, we will offer to handle arrangements for them. Assisting with room set up, including their specific AV requirements and loading their presentations on day. Booking all hotel accommodations for VIP and General Public. Arranging to have all disclosure documents, honoraria forms, handouts and presentations provided prior to the activity;
  • Assisting with all advertising materials, including flyer development and production. This can include announcements, conference brochures, listing of your event on CHSE website, ‘Events and Rounds’, direct mail to target audience, placing a brochure in all active mailboxes as well as previous participants’, and posting around hospitals within LHINS 3 & 4. Collecting and acknowledging all abstracts and arrange poster presentations for events that request this support;
  • Designing and printing a customized evaluation form, and printing the authorized registrant list for participants only;
  • Collecting handouts and presentations from each speaker; ensuring it is in a format that can be easily accessed on day, i.e. MAC vs. PC or PowerPoint vs. PDF; ensuring that speaker has given permission to reproduce their content for the registrants. Providing our own emergency contact details in the event the speaker is delayed or on route, so they can always communicate with us. For your protection we ask each speaker, that should they have to back out, they are responsible to find their replacement. Assembling all on day registrant materials.

On-site management services include arrival 1.5 hours prior to the activity to set up registration, signage, sponsor locations and approve of room set up. Greeting registrants, sponsors, speakers and managing on-site registration. We will handle all aspects of the registration table; therefore, 3-5 CHSE staff will be on location at start up. Liaison with facility staff and ensuring that food and space requirements match our registrant totals. Cap all workshop/breakout sessions to facilitate fire codes.

All costs are based on need of the planning committee. As such we try to accommodate their requirements.

We are very interested in working with the pharmaceutical and other industries to develop good quality continuing education.

For educational programs to be accredited, the CE Office must be involved in the design and delivery of the program. Our aim is to be helpful and to ensure that your program is awarded the maximum allowable credits.

Our Policy on Policy on Support of CE from Commercial Sources is based upon the corresponding policies of:

The CHSE Guidebook for Planning, Developing and Delivering CHSE Activities

Download the McMaster CHSE Guidebook to help you Plan, Develop and Deliver your CHSE Activity!