Self-Directed Learning

The CHSE Program is committed to fostering learning activities that enhance knowledge, skills, and competencies needed for clinical and professional practice. We encourage the use of the practice environment as a stimulus for learning and to develop, implement and document the outcome of learning.

Types of Self-directed learning available through the CHSE Program

Incorporating Self-Directed Learning in Large-Group activities

  • Concurrent workshops, clinical skills stations and roundtable discussions with experts (Lunch with the Professor).
  • Self- Assessment Programs (SAP): pre and post knowledge assessment questionnaire.
  • Case-based and clinical-query-based lectures.
  • 25% interactivity.
  • Practice reflection tools in conjunction with group learning activities:

McMaster-RCPSC CPD Educator

Dr. Vinita Bindlish

CPD Educator

To find out more about the role of the CPD Educator please click here

If you have questions email Dr. Bindlish at

CHSE Coaching

The CHSE Program has two APLL trained Coaches. (Assisting Physicians in Lifelong Learning)

Dr. Vinita Bindlish in Kitchener (
Dr. Naufal Mohammed in Hamilton (

APLL coaches are available to physicians and other healthcare professionals with the purpose of promoting lifelong learning.

A coach can help healthcare professionals in:

  • identifying professional goals,
  • identifying perceived and unperceived learning needs based on their practice, and
  • pursuing continuing professional development activities.

If you are interested in being a coachee, please contact one of the CHSE coaches above.

Self Directed Learning Programs from CFPC

The Foundation for Medical Practice Education

The Practice Based Small Group (PBSG) and Individual Self-Learning (BPIL) Programs.
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Machealth offers interactive, accredited online learning modules, discussion forums for communities of practice, and resources and tools to support knowledge transfer. Machealth is a preferred partner of McMaster for online CHSE.
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Aboriginal Relationship and Cultural Competency Courses

Earn certified credits and enhance your knowledge and cultural competency of First Nations Inuit and Métis people by completing the courses available.
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Share and learn for better care - MetaClinician helps clinicians across specialties, institutions, cities, regions and countries understand each other’s decisions. It aims to identify the most important clinical questions, examine variability in our behavior and close potential gaps between evidence and actions.
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McMaster Textbook of Internal Medicine

The McMaster Textbook of Internal Medicine is the first comprehensive Canadian textbook of internal medicine. Emphasizing clinical application and accessibility, it provides a practical overview of a wide range of topics useful to front-line clinicians, including family physicians, internists, residents, medical students, and other healthcare professionals. Available in print, online, and as mobile apps for Android and iOS.
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